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Our '20 - '21 dance year has been full of Adapting to the many changes and challenges that were presented to us.  Our students, staff and parents did us proud when it came to navigating through a difficult year and now its time to reap the reward!
ENCORE was just approved to host our 10th Annual Recital here at our home location! How fitting as our first recital was here as well! ENCORE owns a beautiful 32' by 24' portable outside stage that we will be building for our dancers to share their talent!  
We will be turning our parking lot into an auditorium, using our entire building as a staging area and knowing that with this process and location we are providing the safest place possible for all of our students during this time.
All ENCORE Covid19 policies will be required to follow by everyone.
Details Below.


Date: June 19th ~ ENCORE was just approved to use our own space and that means we can keep our originally planned date! See our Year Event Calendar for all our dates.  (No Saturday classes will be held on June 19th)
Time:  We will have three recitals: 12pm, 2:15pm & 5pm.  See the schedule below for your recital time.   



Parking Lot

Location: We will be hosting our recital in our very own parking lot in front of ENCORE,  while using our building as the staging area for all of our students.
Using our outside space will allow us to have a larger audience, spread out and follow all our Covid19 policies.  Being able to utilize our inside rooms will allow us to spread out our students for safety as well.
How it will work:
Our 32' by 24' stage will be in front of Stu A facing the freeway; student will be dropped off at Stu C; and parents will need to enter into our 'outside auditorium' along the train tracks on the east side of the building. All parents will need to be health checked and wearing a bracelet to remain in the performing area(s). (Volunteers Needed)

Tickets/Audience Allowance


Tickets: $12 each (per recital)  Show your ticket at the entrance (east side of building along the train tracks) After a health screening you will receive a bracelet that needs to be worn at all time in the performance area.  Each recital will have a different color of bracelet. 

ENCORE has done its best to limit how many recitals your student/family will be performing/attending.  We have over 150 students to accommodate and have spent hours putting together our recital in the best way for everyone.  If your student/family has more than one family member in a recital class and/or your student is in more than one recital class you may be in more than one recital.  See Show Order

Audience Members: Our event is outside, we have plenty of room, you may invite however many you want! 


Safety First!

Safety is ENCORE's number one priority.  Due to the inability to safely try on multiple costumes for sizing, as well as many of our students being in multiple performances and not wanting our students to be in close quarters while changing costumes.... ENCORE has decided to approach our costuming differently this recital.

All of our students will be receiving a recital t-shirt that will be the bases of your costume. Your instructor will let you know and/or ENCORE will be emailing out items that you need for the right look for your style/age.

For example:   Recital t-shirt, blue jeans, tap shoes; Recital t-shirt, plaid over jacket, black pants of students choosing, black/white shoes, Recital t-shirt, pink ballet shoes/tights, black leotard with the recital t-shirt knotted on the right side.

ENCORE will be updating this section as decisions are made for your reference. 

Your T-Shirt: Your T-shirts will arrive on Friday June 18th.  We will pass them out at recital or you can pick them up anytime on Friday.  We will email you when your shirt is ready for pick up!  If you missed giving us your size, no worries, we ordered your size for you and extras as well! 

Nick's Classes

Lisa's Classes

Marisa's Classes

Brenna's Classes

Oscar's Classes

Valerie's Classes

Calissa's Class

Bridget's Class

Jazmyn's Class

Juju's Class

Ann's Class

Show Order

3 Amazing Shows!

We have three amazing shows for you!  Each show will last roughly one hour!

(these are listed in show order)

Show: 12pm (Arrival Time: 11:15am)

  • Friday 1:15pm - Tap I with Lisa

  • Featured Performance: "RESPECT"

  • Tuesday 4pm - Ballet I with Lisa

  • Wednesday 4pm - Ballet I Adv with Lisa

  • Wednesday 12:45pm - Hip Hop (Beg) with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 11am - Ballet (Beg) with Lisa

  • Friday 12:30pm - Ballet I with Lisa

  • Thursday 4pm - Tap I with Calissa

  • Thursday 5pm - Jazz I with Calissa

  • Friday 3pm - Hip Hop I Adv with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 11:45am - Tap (Beg) with Lisa

  • Featured Performance: "Friend Like Me"

  • Wednesday 11am - Ballet (Beg) with Valerie

  • Friday 4pm - Ballet I with Brenna

  • Tuesday 5pm - Hip Hop I with Nicholas

  • Featured Performance: "Teal"

Show: 2:15pm (Arrival Time: 1:30pm)

  • Thursday 3:30pm - Ballet II with Lisa

  • Thursday 6:45pm - Tap III with Lisa

  • Wednesday 6pm - Breaking II/III with Oscar

  • Thursday 5:30pm - Contemporary Int with Lisa

    • Ella, Rhionne, Ellerie, Esme, Eleanor, Sophia, Kate​

  • Wednesday 5pm - Popping Int. with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 5pm - Ballet II Adv. with Lisa

  • Friday 4pm - Hip Hop II with Nicholas

  • Monday 4pm - Tap III with Lisa

  • Featured Performance: "Buenos Aires" by Keslyn

  • Wednesday 5pm - Jazz II Adv with Maria

  • Friday 5pm - Hip Hop III with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 4pm - Breaking I with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 6pm - Hip Hop Tweens with Nicholas

  • Featured Performance: "Anthem" by Rian

  • Thursday 4:30pm - Tap II with Lisa

  • Wednesday 4pm - Popping Beg with Nicholas

  • Wednesday 3:45pm - Jazz Tech III/IV with Maria

  • Wednesday 6:15pm - Contemporary (Beg) with Lisa

  • Thursday 5:30pm - Contemporary Int with Lisa

    • Madeline, Winter, Keira, Abbey, Keslynn, Avery, Lucy W​, Elizabeth

Show: 5pm (Arrival Time: 4:15pm)

  • Tuesday 4pm - Theatre Jazz V/VI with Maria*

  • Friday 5pm - Tap I (Beg) with Brenna

  • Friday 7pm - Hip Hop III/IV with Nicholas

  • Friday 6pm - Jazz I (Beg) with Brenna

  • Friday 6pm - Choreography with Nicholas

  • Monday 6pm - Contemporary V/VI with Bridget

  • Friday 7pm - Contemporary I (Beg) with Brenna

  • Tuesday 7pm - Scottish Highland Dance with Ann

  • Monday 4:30pm - Choreography with Jazmyn

  • Featured Performance: "How to Save a Life"

  • Tuesday 5:40pm - Waacking III with Juju

  • Tuesday 7pm - Hip Hop Teens (Beg) with Nicholas

  • Wednesday 2pm - Tap IV with Lisa

  • Featured Performance "Last Dance"


3 Amazing Shows!

ENCORE will have Snacks & Drinks available to purchase before, during and after the show!  No outside food/drinks allowed.  Thank you for supporting local.

Volunteers Needed!

Help Us Set Up!

ENCORE has a wonderful '32 by '24 foot stage to build and take down all in one day!  We are looking for 15 to 20 volunteers that would like to help set up and take down for our recitals.

Volunteers receive a free entrance into the recital.  Not all volunteers will be selected as we need to place volunteers at certain job positions.  You will hear back from ENCORE if you are selected. Thank you for your time in making our 10th recital be the best it can be!

If you would rather donate towards ENCORE instead of volunteering please venmo @encorepacnw with a subject line of 'building the ENCORE stage' Thank you!

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