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Location: 7700 SW Nimbus Ave. Bldg 10 Beaverton Oregon 97008
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Tickets/Audience Allowance


Purchase your tickets today before they run out!  No limit on how many you can bring!

Costumes - Recital T-Shirts

You can pick up your recital shirt during any of our operating hours. 

M - F 9am - 9pm


Nick's Classes

Lisa's Classes

Marisa's Classes

Brenna's Classes

Oscar's Classes

Valerie's Classes

Calissa's Class

Bridget's Class

Jazmyn's Class

Juju's Class

Ann's Class

Show Order

3 Amazing Shows!

We have three amazing shows for you!  Each show will last roughly one hour!

(these are listed in show order)

Show: 12pm (Arrival Time: 11:15am)

  • Friday 1:15pm - Tap I with Lisa

  • Tuesday 4pm - Ballet I with Lisa

  • Thursday 4pm - Tap I with Calissa

  • Tuesday 5pm - Hip Hop I with Nicholas

  • Friday 12:30pm - Ballet I with Lisa

  • Tuesday 11:45am - Tap (Beg) with Lisa

  • Friday 4pm - Ballet I with Brenna

  • Friday 3pm - Hip Hop I Adv with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 11am - Ballet (Beg) with Lisa

  • Thursday 5pm - Jazz I with Calissa

  • Wednesday 11am - Ballet (Beg) with Valerie

  • Wednesday 12:45pm - Hip Hop (Beg) with Nicholas

  • Wednesday 4pm - Ballet I Adv with Lisa

Show: 2:15pm (Arrival Time: 1:30pm)

  • Thursday 3:30pm - Ballet II with Lisa

  • Thursday 6:45pm - Tap III with Lisa

  • Wednesday 6pm - Breaking II/III with Oscar

  • Thursday 5:30pm - Contemporary Int with Lisa

  • Wednesday 5pm - Popping Int. with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 5pm - Ballet II Adv. with Lisa

  • Friday 4pm - Hip Hop II with Nicholas

  • Monday 4pm - Tap III with Lisa

  • Wednesday 5pm - Jazz II Adv with Maria

  • Friday 5pm - Hip Hop III with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 4pm - Breaking I with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 6pm - Hip Hop Tweens with Nicholas

  • Thursday 4:30pm - Tap II with Lisa

  • Wednesday 4pm - Popping Beg with Nicholas

  • Wednesday 3:45pm - Jazz Tech III/IV with Maria

  • Wednesday 6:15pm - Contemporary (Beg) with Lisa

Show: 5pm (Arrival Time: 4:15pm)

  • Monday 6pm - Contemporary V/VI with Bridget

  • Friday 6pm - Choreography with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 7pm - Scottish Highland Dance with Ann

  • Monday 6:30pm - Adult Tap with Sara

  • Friday 7pm - Hip Hop III/IV with Nicholas

  • Friday 7pm - Contemporary I (Beg) with Brenna

  • Wednesday 2pm - Tap IV with Lisa

  • Friday 6pm - Jazz I (Beg) with Brenna

  • Monday 4:30pm - Choreography with Jazmyn

  • Tuesday 7pm - Hip Hop Teens (Beg) with Nicholas

  • Tuesday 4pm - Theatre Jazz V/VI with Maria

  • Friday 5pm - Tap I (Beg) with Brenna

  • Tuesday 5:40pm - Waacking III with Juju

Volunteers Needed!

Help Us Set Up!

ENCORE has a wonderful '32 by '24 foot stage to build and take down all in one day!  We are looking for 15 to 20 volunteers that would like to help set up and take down for our recitals.

Volunteers receive a free entrance into the recital.  Not all volunteers will be selected as we need to place volunteers at certain job positions.  You will hear back from ENCORE if you are selected. Thank you for your time in making our 10th recital be the best it can be!

If you would rather donate towards ENCORE instead of volunteering please venmo @encorepacnw with a subject line of 'building the ENCORE stage' Thank you!

Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & help us make this experience memorable.

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