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Fall '23  - '24 Tuition Fees & Information

See details below our Tuition Chart

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Tuition Information:

Placement in a class is only guaranteed when accompanied by your first tuition payment. All remaining tuition payments will be processed on the third Tuesday of the month. At ENCORE we process tuition ahead of instruction, therefore, your last payment will occur in May although our instruction will continue in June. You will receive an invoice after each processing date. A $10 fee will occur for late payments. Returned checks will be charged $25.

Tuition consists of a fixed monthly charge. There will be 3 to 5 classes per month. On average throughout the season there will be 4 classes per month and the monthly charge will not change. Tuition is not a pay-by-class rate and will not be pro-rated due to vacations, holidays, pre-scheduled closures or absences. This includes classes missed or canceled due to bad weather, instructor illness, etc. No refunds or pro-rates will be issued.

Any/all missed classes can be made up during the current season in a class of your choosing. Submit your make up request via email: 

Registration Fee & Enrollment Information

Registration can be completed by either of the following:

  • Online: Click Here

  • Fill out the Information Box

We also welcome in person registration; email: or text: (503)608-7207. 

An annual member fee of $25 per student/$40 per family is due upon registering/enrollment for a class(es).

Once a student is enrolled & registered for a class(es), we consider them enrolled to the end of the session. (Current Season Sept 5th - June 22nd). Enrollment into the correct level is required. We anticipate our classes will fill and encourage you to add yourself to any waitlist(s). to get into our program(s). Any schedule changes will be noted by the revision updates located online & on our pdf brochure. 

Cancellation Policy

How can I cancel out of a class?

In order to cancel out of your class(es), the cancellation form box is required. 

All cancellations must be submitted before the third Tuesday of the month. No exceptions. You are responsible for any fees charged prior to your notice, and you are welcome to attend your class(es) until the end of the month that you have been charged for. 

Can I switch classes instead of cancelling?

Our classes at ENCORE are progressive and built on the previous weeks' lessons and skills. When asking to switch classes, please send us an email, including which class you are leaving and wanting to register for; we will begin our instructor approval processes.

No one is allowed to switch (recital) classes during the Sept - Jun season, after February 1st (unless by instructor approval) as classes are focused on choreography, formations and costumes for recital. 

What happens if ENCORE cancels a class?

ENCORE reserves the right to cancel and/or combine classes in the schedule depending on demand and registration. If ENCORE cancels a class and we cannot find a comparable class for your student, the adjusted tuition will be refunded.

Cancellation Form

Please read our cancellation policy.  We are sad to see you go and we await your return. 

Cancellaion Form
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