Covid 19 Policies & Procedures

Your physical and mental health is our top priority.

Polices and Procedures for:

Taking classes via zoom?

Our Procedure/Policy Walk Thru:

Spacious Enter/Exit

ENCORE is re-designed our building to have four different entrances & exits to maintain social distancing while waiting and leaving classrooms. To know which entrance you need to be using we have a white board located in front of Studio A that will direct everyone upon arrival. 


  • Rooms will have increased air flow and filtration via fans, opening doors/garage doors for cross breeze, HVAC and filter systems. Rooms will also have a disinfectant light.

  • Lobby's are only accesssible to dancers and ENCORE staff. 

  • Students 9yrs and younger can only be released to a parent. 

7700 SW Nimbus Ave. Bldg 10


Health Screening & Sanitize at Door

Your instructor will meet you at the entrance with our non-contact thermometer (temperature needs to be under 99) , hand sanitizer and inquiry questions about your recent health. 



  • Students need to join us via zoom if they have the following symptoms: fever, chills, respiratory issues, trouble breathing, runny nose or loss of taste.

  • Students with more than one class will receive a 'health check pass' sticker so they can travel from one class to another without being screened again.

  • While waiting to be screened try to avoid being in direct sunlight or wearing a hat that will raise your temperature and give a false reading. 

Head into the Studio

We have than marked off 6' by 6' squares in all classrooms and ask that students social distance at all times.  All exercises and activities are designed to keep 6' apart. 

Masks at All Times

Students, Instructors and Staff are required to wear masks at all times. If you forget a mask, one will be provided for you.

Sanitize Between Classes

We sanitize between classes on all equipment that is used, due to this zoom classes will end 5 min early to allow this process

If we end up going into another shut down, ENCORE will automatically roll right over to our zoom classes for home learning. No refunds or prorating. See Zoom Online Policies


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