Covid 19 Policies & Procedures

Your physical and mental health is our top priority.

We are currently on Zoom! ~ Jan 11th Update

Final Covid19 Update for 2020

2020 is coming to an end but our dance season is far from over!  

Our ‘Adapt’ season runs ‘20-’21 (Sept - Jun) and we are committed to continuing to provide your students education, movement, social engagement and skills with instructors that have your students mental and physical health as their top priority. 

Current Status:

The State/Governor has taken Oregon into a new framework/guidelines on how we are required to operate our small business. (In a nutshell) All counties are being monitored individually and are set at a risk level (changing weekly) which then gives us specific operating procedures. 

ENCORE resides within Wash Co; Wash Co’s current risk level is “extreme”; our business classification is ‘fitness/gym’..... which means:


  • Youth Enrichment (non-active/exerting activities)

  • Outside Physical Activity

  • Zoom At Home Classes


  • Group Indoor Physical Activity 


What’s Happening Now at ENCORE:

Presented with our allowed operations (above) and taking into consideration that we believe that our students physical movement health and continued developing skills are the highest priority: 

ENCORE will remain on Zoom for the next two weeks until our Holiday break begins on Dec. 20th.

We will also be offering a few youth enrichment classes/opportunities in the next two weeks:

Full List of our Youth Enrichment Classes/Desciptions for 2020


Outlook into 2021:

While ENCORE has high hopes that we will be able to return to in person classes in the new year, we will be working on a ‘plan B’ if we remain in the ‘extreme’ risk level.  

Our ‘plan B’ will be a:

  • Modified Schedule 

    • Students that take a high level of hours in the week will be reduced in order to limit the amount of screen time 

  • Additional Youth Enrichment Classes:

    • ENCORE will be modifying their schedule to include Youth Enrichment Classes allowing students to be live, in person and social (at a distance of course) 

    • Youth enrichment includes:  (but not limited to & dependent on age): dance education, dance history, industry education, crafts/art, music theory, notation, etc

  • Outdoor Dance

    • This optional class will allow students to come together no matter the weather and dance outside!

Why can’t we start youth enrichment now? Why wait til 2021?

A few reasons:

  • Our Covid19 cases are at a high.

  • Many families are quarantining in order to see their families this holiday season.

Quick Note: As we go into the new year and start our youth enrichment programs be aware that you are creating a quarantine community and follow the guidelines so that we can come together as safe as possible. 


"Love on your Instructors"

Our instructors are working double time to modify their instruction for home/zoom training as well as developing youth enrichment activities for 2021. They also want to be here for you when we are able to open back up to our 'normal' live in person schedule. They are doing their best to support you in these turbulent times and need your support more than ever!

The best gift this season that you can give them:

  • Stick with them & show up on zoom!  They want to see you!

  • Create a space at home for a successful zoom class 

  • Follow them (and ENCORE) on Social Media, Share your pictures and Engage with them! 

If you would like to give to them this holiday season (as many of our instructors are freelance artists and have lost a substantial amount of work) or if you want to let them know that you are thinking of them or give them encouragement:  

Drop off at ENCORE is available:

  • Friday Dec 11th 4 - 7pm 

  • Tuesday Dec 15th 3:30 - 6:30pm 

  • or at any of our youth enrichment classes


How you can help us come back together?:

The following is being overlooked/misunderstood by the OHA/Gov offices:

  • Our classification: we are defined as ‘fitness/gyms’ and that is not our business model.

  • Our Covid19 policies/procedures: Our guidelines (masks, social distancing, max in the building, etc) far exceed large chain stores safety protocols. 

  • The benefit to our youths mental and physical health is not being weighed heavy enough

What can you do?

Action Item:

Help us bring awareness/education to OHA/Gov Offices by signing the petition below to:

  • Bring equality to ALL businesses

  • Look at our business model and the safety precautions that we have put in place

  • Take into consideration the mental & physical health of our youth

  • Re-classify us like we were in the Summer months as a ‘youth program’


Until then as a community we need to be following all the procedures and gathering guidelines in order to do our part in stopping the spread of Covid19.


Stay Connected/Communication with ENCORE

ENCORE is a community!  Stay connected with us in the following ways!  Reach out! 


ENCORE Calendar:

  • Dec 7th - Dec 19th: Full Class Schedule via Zoom

  • Dec 11th - 4-7pm: "Love on your Instructors" Drop off

  • Dec 15th - 3:30 - 6:30pm: "Love on your Instructors" Drop off 

  • Dec 20 - Jan 3rd - Holiday Break 

    • Our budget/fee is based on a 36 week session that runs from Sept - June. We divide that fee into convenient monthly payments. Months will have 3 to 5 weeks dependent on scheduling. Holidays are accounted for (no one is paying for classes during these weeks) and it all averages out in the end.

  • Jan 4th - Classes Resume

Youth Enrichment Class Calendar *NEW* In Person Classes - FREE 


Youth Enrichment Classes:

Free to all currently enrolled students!

Registration begins Mon Dec 7th 6pm

First come first serve! Space limited!

Outside Holiday (Distancing) Social (Rain or Shine, dress Accordingly)

Join us for Hot Cocoa/Cookies & Say Hi to your friends!

  • Saturday, Dec 12th

  • ENCORE Parking Lot

  • 12 - 1pm: ages 5 & younger

  • 1 - 2pm: ages 6 - 10yrs

  • 2 - 3pm: ages 10 & older


Large Movement Private Room:

Sign up with your family (in house family only) for 25 min of open Studio Time!  Come in and MOVE BIG!  Use the mats and space! Music will be provided, a parent must be present and room will be sterilized between each family use. Space is limited, sign up asap! 

  • Sunday, Dec 13th 11am - 4pm

  • ENCORE Stu A

  • Cost: FREE (for currently enrolled students)


Acting & Improv 

Come on into the studio and join Piper for acting! Students will explore and express their emotions & release tension in this social distancing, mask wearing improv, games and acting class!

  • Thursday Dec 10th & 17th

  • ENCORE Stu C

    • 6:15 - 7pm 11yrs & Younger

    • 7pm - 7:45pm 11yrs & older


Crafts Time 

Join us for a fun craft!  Make a crazy 2020 picture frame!!  Have fun decorating a frame, taking a crazy picture and putting it all together to remember 2020 and all the craziness it brought us!

  • Tuesday Dec 15th 1 - 2pm

  • Studio C

  • 9yrs & younger


Vision Boards for 2021

  • Sunday Dec 13th 11 - 4pm 

  • all supplies provided - if you have an idea - bring whatever you want as well!


If you need any help with zoom classes! Reach out!  We are here and happy to help you!

Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful families!

Zoom Policies:

Our Zoom students are equally as important as our in studio students, with our 55" monitors you are

right there with us!

Our system allows the instructors to see all their students at the same time!  Each class will start at the same day/time as our class schedule lists.

Download Zoom

Zoom is a free app/online that you can download.




Zoom classes will end 5 min early for in studio sanitation & switching of classes. 

Technology challenged? Thats okay! Text for help! 503-608-7207

How to Join Class

Registered ENCORE students will receive an email the first week of their class that will let them know our online class password.  CLICK HERE to go to your online class schedule/Link.  If you are switching from an in person student to online please email for this request. 

The link will take you directly tnto the 'waiting room.'  There your instructor will verify your name against our attendance and let you into class. 


  • Use your real name in order to get verified and get into the class immediately!

  • Its the same link every week!

  • If you have issues or get stuck in the waiting room, please text 503-608-7207

Preparing your Space

You need at least a 6' by 6' space for a successful class. If you have less space than that please let your instructor know.

Have your water bottle within reach, do not leave the screen ;)


Having a dance flooring is ideal, but ultimately dancing on the rug in the living room, in the garage or in the kitchen will be just fine!  If you are looking to put in a floor we suggest any of the following options.

  • plywood (purchase from home depot & lay on top of your surface)

  • Interlocking foam floor tiles - amazon or home depot

Items Needed:

Have these items ready before starting class, sit them on the side of your space!


  • Yoga blocks (amazon/target)

    • Home Alternative: couch pillows​

  • Ballet Barre or equivalent (amazon, home depot DIY)

    • Home Alternative: Dinning Room Chair​

Stretch & Flex Classes:​​

  • Yoga blocks (amazon/target)

    • Home Alternative: couch pillows​

  • Yoga Matt​ (amazon/target)

    • Home Alternative: Towel​

  • Stretch Bands (amazon/target)​


  • Yoga blocks (amazon/target)

    • Home Alternative: couch pillows​

  • Gym Matt​

    • Home Alternative: pillows, bed mattress, couch cushions, stacked quilts 

If you don't have an item, don't sweat it.  Be flexible and do what you can to get it for the following week. ​

What to Wear/Hair:

Dance attire requirements are the same for our in studio and at home dancers!

Click Here to see our attire requirements

Zoom & At Home Etiquette

To have a successful class, we must have a respectful class.


  • Log into your zoom class 5 - 10 min before your class time starts 

  • Make sure your name is correct for quick attendance

  • Have your camera set up so that your entire body can be seen from the side and/or front.

  • Have your space cleared of distractions (this includes family members)

    • Parents need only to participate if an instructor asks​

  • Have all your items ready and off to the side

  • Have a water bottle and snack (if in multiple classes in a row) off to the side

    • No eating/drinking allowed during class time unless instructor gives permission

  • No sitting in class unless given permission, always be ready to move

  • Apply corrections, we can see you at all times even if you cannot see us

  • Questions - raise your hand so we can see that you have one, if we miss it you are welcome to unmute yourself and ask for your instructors attention.

  • No cell phones or chat (to other students) allowed

  • No leaving the screen 

    • If you need to go to the bathroom, ask your instructor (go before class)

  • Positive attitude is EVERYTHING!


If we end up going into another shut down, ENCORE will automatically roll right over to our zoom classes for home learning. No refunds or prorating. See Zoom Online Policies


Beaverton, Oregon USA

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