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Violet Company

Instructor/Choreographer: Alicia Cutaia - Parent Leader: Kirstin Davis

Dancers: Delaney, Calissa, Nia, Alex, Miya, Brianna

Quick Links to Information:

ENCORE Company/Crew Year Outline: "Big Picture"

  • July – Aug ’19: Training, Workshops, Camps, Additional Performances, Auditions, New Season Processes 

  • Sept (1st two weeks) Learning Choreography, Workshopping Routines

  • Sept-Dec '19: Training, Choreography, Learning/Cleaning, Kids Battle, (No Holiday production this year as we are already focused on Nutcracker 2020.)

  • Jan ’20 – May ’20: Training, Competing, Conventions, Spring Performance Avenue Showcase, Additional Performances

  • May ’20 – July ’20: Training, Auditions, Nationals (optional), Dancer Palooza, Any Additional Performances, Recital


  • Sept 16th - ENCORE Season '19 - '20 Begins!

  • Mar 7 - 8 - Video Production

  • Jun 6th – Audition for ’20 – ‘21

  • Jun 13th – Last Day of Classes at ENCORE

  • Jun 15th – 17th – Recital Rehearsals

  • Jun 18th – Audition for ’20 – ‘21

  • Jun 20th – ENCORE Recital “Resurgence”


  • Sept 23 - 28 - Company/Crew Measurement Week

  • Nov 17 - How to Make Up/Hair

  • Feb 23 - Team Picture Day


Optional to attend in person, mandatory to gain the information via online or in person.

  • Sept 6th 5:30pm (Entire Year of "Resurgence" (In person & at ENCORE)

  • Sept 19th - 6pm (October Moon/Kids Battle)

  • Dec 15th 4pm ('20 Upcoming Conventions)

  • Feb 6th  - 6pm ('20 Upcoming Competitions)

  • Mar 5th - 6pm (Company/Crew Showcase)

  • May 7th - 6pm (Wrap Up & Look Forward)



  • Sept 6th - 6pm

  • Oct 4th - 6pm

  • Nov 1st - 6pm

  • Dec 6th  - 6pm

  • Jan 3rd - 6pm

  • Feb 7th - 6pm

  • Mar 6th - 6pm

  • Apr 3rd - 6pm

  • May 1st - 6pm

  • Jun 5th - 6pm



  • Sept 1 - 14th - Choreography Weeks (detailed schedule to come)

  • Oct 11th - Extra Co/Cr Rehearsal #1

  • Nov 11th - Extra Co/Cr Rehearsal #2

  • Jan 20th – Extra Co/Cr Rehearsal #3

  • Feb 18th – Extra Co/Cr Rehearsal #4

  • Mar 31st – Showcase Rehearsal (your entire evening after school)



  • Apr 3 -5th – ENCORE Showcase (multiple shows all weekend)

  • May 25th – Mult Co Fair Performance


  • Nov 16th – Co/Cr Team Building Event

  • Feb 23rd – Co/Cr Team Building Event 

  • May 25th – Team Building Day at Oaks Park


Four Competitions, Two Convention/Comps

  • Jan 31 - Feb 2 - Nuvo Stl Convention/Comp (first choice, if no, we will do Jump)

  • Feb 28th – Mar 1st – Starpower Competition (This one)

  • Mar 6 - 8 - Jump Convention (second choice, depends on Nuvo)

  • Mar 13 – 15th – Hollywood Connection/Competition – Int & Adv Company Mandatory (Beg Company/Crew optional) (100%)

  • Apr 24 – 26th – Fly Competition (100%)

  • May 1 – 3rd – Onstage New York Competition (or This one!)



  • Sept 27 – 29 - Celebrity Convention,Seattle (no competition unless you are a senior)

  • Oct 26th - October Moon/Kids "All Styles" Battle ,ENCORE

  • Nov 2nd - New Birth Crew 10 yr Anniversary//MATTA 1yr Anniversary - Battle, location?

  • Nov 22 – 24th – Radix Convention/Competition, Tacoma

  • Dec 7th – A New Dance Experience, Portland Competition with free Workshop

  • Jan 3 - 5th - Monster Convention, Vancouver - (Crew Mandatory - Company Optional)

  • Jan 10 - 12th - Adrenaline Convention/Competition

  • Jan 17 – 19 – NYCDA Convention/Competition

  • Jan 31 – Feb 2nd – Act 1; Spotlight Ptld #1; Nuvo (Stl); Hollywood Connection Stl

  • Feb 8 – 10th – Revive Stl

  • Feb 14 – 16th – Tremaine Convention

  • Mar 6 – 8th – Jump Convention 

  • Mar 13 – 15th – Hollywood Connection/Competition

  • Mar 20 – 22 – Spotlight Ptld #2; Westcoast Dance Explosion Bellevue

  • Apr 17 – 19 – Thunderstruck, Starquest, & Groove Competitions

  • May 8 – 10th – Monsters A-List (Company/Crew Optional)

    • For CREW! If doing extra conventions – this one 1st!

  • May 8 – 10th – Revolution Competition

  • May 15 – 17 – Radix Ptld

  • May 24th – Multnomah County Fair Talent Competition (FREE) Prtld

  • Jul 22 – 28th – Dancer Palooza (optional Summer Training Convention)



  • All dates are subject to change; additional competitions and conventions will be offered to you as an option.

  • "No school days" will be utilized for additional practices as needed, please reserve ALL 'no school days' up until 3 weeks prior, we will then assess the routines/needs with your instructor. (the more you practice the less likely this will occur, it's up to your work ethic :)

  • ENCORE has decided that for the year of '19 - '20 we will not be doing a mandatory nationals, but instead stay local and allocate those same finances in the advancement & education of our students and have everyone attend a convention this year. Conventions will be optional for first-year students only.

  • Please note, parents are not allowed to contact competitions/conventions etc; all information will be relayed to and from ENCORE.  Contacting competitions/conventions will be subject to removal from teams.


Understanding Fees:

All students will be required to do their initial team/grouping, you can inquire about doing additional groups (as you have via the acceptance form) and if ENCORE sees you fitting with an additional 'color' group we will put you in one, if we do not, all these students will become part of a large group.  You are required to be a part of two groups in order to participate in a solo/duo/trio. 

All prices are below and explained, your contract will reflect your acceptance letter requests. Your payments will be divided into monthly payments over 10 - 12 months.  (whatever fits your budget) I went over the fees of last year and made sure to reflect the reality of the fees this year. It is never our intention to surprise you with fees, however in this industry sometimes that is unavoidable. 


Admin Fees:

Charged once per competitive/performance year, per routine, per person; this covers a multitude of things such as time, paperwork, and tracking. $55


Costume Fee:

Charged once a season per routine, per person, does not include shoes, accessories, tights, etc. If a costume fee goes over cost, parents will be asked about the additional amount before purchasing.  No students are allowed to choose/purchase their own costume unless they are a soloist.  Soloists will have an approval process that will be in the contract to come. All costumes, items are for you to keep and use once the season is done. Your fee price will depend on your instructor/age of group and what the vision is for your group. $90 - $120

Convention Fee:

Per Convention:

  • $270 (7yrs & up)

  • $125 (5/6yrs)

  • 4yrs & under: No Convention

Competition Fees:

(per competition, per routine, per person)

  • Groups/Productions: $65

  • Duo/Trio: $75

  • Solo: $130


Choreography Fee:

In order to maximize your class time, you will be learning routine all at once and not in the classroom. Class time each week will be for cleaning, formation changes, etc.  (In the season of '18 - '19 - this was our choreography camp): $80  (this is for groups only, solo/duo/trio go thru private lessons only)

Additional Rehearsal Fee:

Fee includes: 8 hours of rehearsal & 16 hour of rehearsal/show for our showcase

There are four additional rehearsals on the schedule; these are additional practices and not included in your regular weekly practices that will be covered by your class tuition. $90


Note: Any additional rehearsals will need to be arranged with your instructor/choreographer and their fee will need to be split with the group. The more you practice, the less likely this will be needed.

Media Fee:

Per Comp; There has been media fees that come up depending on the competition/convention.  These fees are unavoidable and ENCORE tries to pick comps that do not have them as much as possible.  $30 - $60


Note: Currently we only have one comp at $35 that will be charging a fee. We will update you as soon as we know per competition what the charges may be, if any. At comps/conventions that do not require a media fee will offer a media fee/package as optional. 


ENCORE Swag Costs:

An ENCORE jacket is required for each member of the team. Currently we have no intent of changing our jackets from last year. If your jacket still fits, you do not need to include this fee.  Additional swag will be offered as an option. 

- Jackets $65


Solo/Duo/Trios: (additional fee)

There is an additional room fee to each student participating in a solo/duo/trio. This room fee covers use of the room thru out the season and is on a first-come/first serve system.  This fee is once a season: $40



*** Example of a beginner (new) student fees/monthly tuition:

Admin Fee: $55 

Costume: $ 120

Groups (two comps): $130 ($65 each)

Choreography: $80

Rehearsal: $90

Media: $30 (based on current info)

Jacket: $65

Total: $570


Monthly tuition: 

$57 a month for 10 months (12 month contract: $47.50)


With Convention:

Convention: $270 (5 & under convention is optional and varies with a lower price)

$84 a month for 10 months (12 month contract: $70)


Your comp fees would be automatically charged on the following dates: 

(all of these dates are two weeks after your regular class tuition fee.)


  • Payment #1 - September - First month due with contract

  • Payment #2 - Oct 1

  • Payment #3 - Oct 29

  • Payment #4 - Dec 2n

  • Payment #5 - Dec 30d

  • Payment #6 - Feb 4

  • Payment #7 - Mar 3

  • Payment #8 - Mar 31

  • Payment #9 - May 1

  • Payment #10 - Jun 2

  • Payment #11 - July 7

  • Payment #12 - August 4

Note: All students will have a separate competitive/performance account that a credit card will need to be active on. ENCORE understands that finances with competitive/performance teams can be expensive, which is why we offer multiple fundraising opportunities in the year as well as encourage individuals to fundraise through ideas such as pop bottles & asking family/friends for supporting donations.  Many students have fundraised this entire amount in a year!


Big Picture
Additional Dates
Parent Meetng
Extra Practices
Performance Dates
Team Building
Optional Dates
Understanding Fees
Competition Dates
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