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Covid 19 Policies & Procedures

Your physical and mental health is our top priority.

Extended Holiday Closure: Nov 23 - 28 - Happy Thanksgiving!
ENCORE is updating our Zoom policies/procedures to better serve you!
Understanding our Zoom Process:
Instructors will only log into Zoom if they have been notified that they have a 'zoom student'. Teaching on zoom, in person and a hybrid of both changes the way instructors runs their class and presents their education. Notifying ENCORE of a change in your status' is required for having a successful class for everyone.
How to notify ENCORE of a 'change in status' (Zoom student vs. In-studio student):
  • Email with your name, change in status and the date duration at least 24 hours before you will be joining us.  (or)
  • Text 503-608-7207 with your name, change in status and the date duration of change before 12pm on the same day of your class.
  • Note:
    • Notifying an instructor is kind but is not considered notifying ENCORE and therefore the proper changes cannot be made.
    • There is no way to be listed as a 'sometimes zoom student.'
    • Zooming From Home Set up/Covid Policies
Change in Your Log In Process:
In order to ensure that all our zoom students are accounted for at the correct classes/times we will now be using a spreadsheet for all the studio zoom links. You will need to click on the 'Zoom link' below, find your class, be sure that your name is listed and than come on in and enjoy your class.
What do I do if my name is not listed?
Text 503-608-7207 with your name, class you need to be on zoom for and the duration of you zoom dates.



It is with a heavy heart that I bring you the following news:

This morning ENCORE received a text message from the Oregon Health Department that stated we are good to go and that we were to able to remain open during the Freeze that has been instated by the Gov. 


Than this afternoon we received an update directly from the Washington County Enforcement Team saying that Gov. Kate Brown is re-clarifying what is on 'freeze' and has now clarified/identified 'youth activities' including dance to be on 'freeze.'  (After a clarifying phone call back) She is now considers 'youth programs' to be clarified as childcare and that childcare cannot include any fitness.


Thankfully ENCORE has been set up and prepared for this!  Our season is named 'Adapt' as we knew that we needed to be prepared for anything that could come our way!    

As of right now ENCORE will be switching to all Zoom classes effective immediately. We will be coming to you directly into your home! We look forward being able to continue teaching, training and socially connecting with your student and their dance family/friends.  Our instructors at ENCORE are well educated/practiced in engaging students online.  

Our schedule will be as follows:

  •  Nov. 18th - Nov 21st.  - Maintaining our Full Dance Schedule as listed online teaching via Zoom.

  •  Nov 23rd - 28th - We will be taking an extended Thanksgiving break - No classes, enjoy your families. 

  •  Nov 30th - Dec 2nd - Zoom classes will resume (Full Dance Schedule)

  •  Dec. 3rd. - With much hope our in person classes will resume!

We will keep everyone updated on any changes via email, our website, as well as social media. 

ENCORE maintains the stance that your students both emotional and physical health is our utmost priority. We feel that we have a stronger body & mind to get thru the trails of our current situation when dance and theatre are present. Creating a space for your student to be able to continue participating at home is important for successful zoom classes. Please see our guidelines: 

Due to these changes we are having to cancel virtual parent watch week effective immediately, we will resume once we are in person. 

Additionally if your student is already in the studio, they may finish out classes today. (This was approved by Wash Co Enforcement Team because of the late notice from the Gov office)

We thank you for your patience as we navigate a difficult time for everyone. Please reach out if you need anything. Thank you.


Valerie Dawn (owner)

Polices and Procedures for:

Zoom Policies:

Our Zoom students are equally as important as our in studio students, with our 55" monitors you are

right there with us!

Our system allows the instructors to see all their students at the same time!  Each class will start at the same day/time as our class schedule lists.

Zoom Policies
Download Zoom

Zoom is a free app/online that you can download.




Zoom classes will end 5 min early for in studio sanitation & switching of classes. 

Technology challenged? Thats okay! Text for help! 503-608-7207

In Studio Covid Policie
How to Join Class

Registered ENCORE students will receive an email the first week of their class that will let them know our online class password.  CLICK HERE to go to your online class schedule/Link.  If you are switching from an in person student to online please email for this request. 

The link will take you directly tnto the 'waiting room.'  There your instructor will verify your name against our attendance and let you into class. 


  • Use your real name in order to get verified and get into the class immediately!

  • Its the same link every week!

  • If you have issues or get stuck in the waiting room, please text 503-608-7207

How to join clss
Preparing your Space

You need at least a 6' by 6' space for a successful class. If you have less space than that please let your instructor know.

Have your water bottle within reach, do not leave the screen ;)


Having a dance flooring is ideal, but ultimately dancing on the rug in the living room, in the garage or in the kitchen will be just fine!  If you are looking to put in a floor we suggest any of the following options.

  • plywood (purchase from home depot & lay on top of your surface)

  • Interlocking foam floor tiles - amazon or home depot

prepare your space
Items Needed:

Have these items ready before starting class, sit them on the side of your space!


  • Yoga blocks (amazon/target)

    • Home Alternative: couch pillows​

  • Ballet Barre or equivalent (amazon, home depot DIY)

    • Home Alternative: Dinning Room Chair​

Stretch & Flex Classes:​​

  • Yoga blocks (amazon/target)

    • Home Alternative: couch pillows​

  • Yoga Matt​ (amazon/target)

    • Home Alternative: Towel​

  • Stretch Bands (amazon/target)​


  • Yoga blocks (amazon/target)

    • Home Alternative: couch pillows​

  • Gym Matt​

    • Home Alternative: pillows, bed mattress, couch cushions, stacked quilts 

If you don't have an item, don't sweat it.  Be flexible and do what you can to get it for the following week. ​

Items needed
What to Wear/Hair:

Dance attire requirements are the same for our in studio and at home dancers!

Click Here to see our attire requirements

Zoom & At Home Etiquette

To have a successful class, we must have a respectful class.


  • Log into your zoom class 5 - 10 min before your class time starts 

  • Make sure your name is correct for quick attendance

  • Have your camera set up so that your entire body can be seen from the side and/or front.

  • Have your space cleared of distractions (this includes family members)

    • Parents need only to participate if an instructor asks​

  • Have all your items ready and off to the side

  • Have a water bottle and snack (if in multiple classes in a row) off to the side

    • No eating/drinking allowed during class time unless instructor gives permission

  • No sitting in class unless given permission, always be ready to move

  • Apply corrections, we can see you at all times even if you cannot see us

  • Questions - raise your hand so we can see that you have one, if we miss it you are welcome to unmute yourself and ask for your instructors attention.

  • No cell phones or chat (to other students) allowed

  • No leaving the screen 

    • If you need to go to the bathroom, ask your instructor (go before class)

  • Positive attitude is EVERYTHING!

whatto wear

If we end up going into another shut down, ENCORE will automatically roll right over to our zoom classes for home learning. No refunds or prorating. See Zoom Online Policies

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