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Company & Crew Audition Information


Auditions Open to Public:

ENCORE auditions based on style first, then age.  From newbies to advanced, ENCORE's staff will take each student through an audition in the style that they are choosing. You may try out for as many styles as you want. Audition results will be announced for our '21 - '22 Company & Crew Members on June 21st. 

Who we are looking for?

ENCORE is looking for students that are ready to take their dancing to the next level. Students that are willing to grow, be committed, have a good work ether and a positive attitude will join with like-minded others in a team environment.  They will embark in a year of training, teamwork, performances, competitions and more to stretch themselves both personally and within their selected dance style(s). 

What we offer

Our mission is to provide a safe establishment for children, youth and teens to expand and improve in both their talents and their inner self. We do this by creating pathways for students of all ages to move towards and accomplish their dance goals while loving and respecting the arts. ENCORE staff have the ability to ignite passion and identify with each student and reach them at their level. We thrive in challenging each student to reach beyond his/her limits. 

Who we are

Company/Crew is ENCORE's path for students who are ready to take their dancing to the next level, with a bigger commitment and focus on this art form.  ENCORE's Company and Crew offers training, performances, competitions, battles, team building, conventions, photography, videography and other various types of performance opportunities.  Team groups are formed based on experience, training, what classes you have trained in, basic body skills, age, detailed dance skills (ability to apply technique and corrections from instructors), and attitude. 

Why Join?

In addition to being fun, there are life-long benefits and skills that come from this experience that extend far beyond dance.  Students learn performance skills, adaptability, fast thinking and application of talent. 

What to Bring:

  • 8 by 10 Headshot (this can be a canid shot that is blown up/plain paper okay)

What to Wear:

  • Appropriate dress and shoes for the styles you are auditioning for.

What to Expect:

  • Check In:

    • Upon arrival you will receive your audition number and be asked to fill out a short questionnaire. ​

    • You will turn in your headshot to the front desk. 

  • Auditions​

    • Your instructor will guide you through auditions in your selected style​

      • You will learn a small section of choreography & be asked to perform it in multiple groupings​

Cost:  $15 

  • venmo @encorepacnw (show venmo at door)

  • Cash at Door



Audition Schedule

*** Attend the audition time for the style of your choosing, and the age you will be as of Jan 1st 2022. You may attend as many as you would like for the flat fee of $15. 





















"Starters" are students that are between 3 - 6yrs; that have never competed and has trained mainly in our preschool/during the day program.

audition schedule
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