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'Drink or Donate' Dance Showcase Tickets:

Follow the procedures below to purchase your tickets:
Before purchasing tickets; see 'grouping spreadsheet' (located below) and look at the groups of audiences. You will see that there is a red, green, yellow and blue group.  We want to choose humans that we are around the most to view the show.  Know what color you are choosing before purchasing your tickets. 
Grouping Spreadsheet
1) Log into your ENCORE account: Click Here
  • you will need your email address & password, you can reset your password if you have forgotten it.
  • If an online waiver is needed for your student it will ask you to sign the bottom of the waiver, you will need to do this before you continue.
2) Click the three bars located in the upper corner of your screen
3) Select 'on-line store'
4) Select 'Tickets'
5) Purchase no more than 2 tickets
6) Follow prompts to check out.
7) Once you have purchased your tickets, enter you name on the spread sheet in the correct color grouping!
 - To request more tickets, scroll to the bottom of the spreadsheet. 
I'm so excited for the show!!!!


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Calendar Dates




Co/Cr reference page




All Team Dates/ENCORE Chosen - WE ARE ALL GOING!

(Put these in your calendar)

- April 3rd: Showcase Virtual/Parent Event
- May 7 - 8: Revolution Comp*
- May 21 - 23: Starquest Comp or Kaos Convention*
- May 29. 30: MCF Virtual Performance
- June 19: Recital Adapt Season 10 (We found a beautiful outside covered venue)

***If a comp/convention cancels and we cannot attend it in person we will be videoing and submitting our dances for this competition virtually.

Optional Local Events:

- March 19 - 21: Celebrity
- April 9 - 11: Act 1
- April 16 - 18: Spotlight*
- April 16 - 18: Thunderstruck
- April 23 - 25: Fly
- Apr 30 -May 2: Spotlight Longview*
- Apr 30 - May 2: OSNY
- May 14 - 16: Radix/Jump Combined Event
- May 29, 30: MCF Virtual Talent Comp
- June 4 - 6: NYCDA
- June 11 - 13: Starpower

*Note any soloists/groups that want to attend Spotlight will also be offered to go to the Local National Comp in Seaside in July 11 - 17

Optional Travel Dates (Outside of Oregon)

- March 12 - 14: NYCDA Vegas
- March 19 - 21: 24/7 Seattle
- April 9 - 11: Adrenaline Denver
- April 9 - 11: NUVO Seattle
- April 22 - 24: Spotlight Boise*
- April 23 - 25: Adrenaline Phoenix

*Note any soloists/groups that want to attend Spotlight will also be offered to go to the Local National Comp in Seaside in July 11 - 17


Have a question?  Ask it HERE and I will update this F.A.Q.



  • How do you create a Pinterest board for my student?

    • follow the steps below:

      • Open Pinterest

      • Create a new board

      • Name the board a name that generates pictures that you would want to see; ie: Toddler Dance Photography; Child Dance Photography; Teen Dance Photography; Dance Photography Outside; Dance Photography; Dance Photo Poses, etc

        •  Doing this will generate pictures towards what you are looking for

      • Select photos that either inspire you or something you would like to mimic. 

      • After you save those photos to your board you can search using creative search words to find more.

      • When you are done with your board click 'send' or 'share' and send to your leader.

      • This should take about 15 to 20 min

  • Do parents need to stay on Oct 9th for photography learning day?

    • We need Parent Leaders for Group 1, but other than this, Nope! Drop Off!

  • Do we need to come in hair/make up on the 9th/photography learning day?

    • No. We have already seen make up & hair, we are focusing now on how to be in front of a camera, your outfits, how to react to sunlight, faces, practicing poses, etc.

  • Do we need to be available for both days 17tth & 18th?

    • No. You will only be scheduled for one day, one session.

  • Do you want students to come in their outfits on Friday the 9th?

    • That is up to you. Either works.

  • What's the point of the pinterest 'look & mood' board?

    • The goal of our 'look & mood' boards is to:

      • be fully prepared for the photography shoot so that when we get on set we are directly focused on photography and not making decisions

      • to allow parents/students to have input in the looks/poses

      • to have a way for ENCORE to see these ideas (personal style) and give suggestions/approvals.

      • Your 'mood & look' board can/should contain the following:

        • Poses

        • Makeup Looks

        • Hair

        • Style

      • The pictures you put in your board should be fully inspirational. ENCORE is not looking for you to find an outfit and match the picture exactly.  That is the same with a picture, maybe a pose inspires you in a certain way. For example an amazing pose on a car or on pointe and you like a portion of what the body is doing, so that goes in your board.  When you practice the poses on Friday we will tell you yah or nah to what you are doing based on your abilities and outfits. (or help you tweek it)

      • The detailedness that will be expected is dependent upon your age & experience.  If you are new at this, give it a try.  If this is your first time at doing this and you are trying your best, than ENCORE is excited for your journey and what you are learning. No disappointments, no stress, have fun making a pinterest board!  If you are experienced in this and understand 'mood & look' boards because you have done them for photoshoots, video camera work, etc. Than yes, we need to see what you are thinking on all four of these categories.  

  • Expectations on Outfits/Style:

    • To have your best experience your style should be in line with your main focus of training. (ie: company learning towards leos, sports tops, etc and crew leaning towards a more street style look) Younger children should stick to ONE look, while older students should choose layers to get a number of different looks. Everything should be clean and a bit more form fitting to the body and well put together from the shoes, socks, accessories, etc. (fyi... loose does not shoot well on camera)

  • How many outfits do we need?

    • Your final outfit should be ONE outfit! (this outfit may or may not contain layers, however NO changing a full outfit, there will be NO time allowance for that) However you should bring a few suggestions to the friday practice day so that we can help direct you in making these decisions and you can walk away knowing what you will wear or need to find. Be creative with your closet, or pick thru a friend's closet! 


Conventions 20-21

  • What if we sign up for a convention and the convention does not go?

    • All conventions are optional for the year 20-21; on the registration sign up you can read if there is a refund or no. 

  • How do I sign up for an optional convention?

  • If I sign up for an optional convention with a solo and it goes virtual, will I be allowed to back out?

    • ENCORE will allow the back out, be sure to read the rules so that you know the individual convention policies on backing out and refunds. 


Last Year Follow Up

  • Old costumes that instructors are not wanting to use or that a past member has; what do we do with them?

    • Ultimately what to do with them is up to you as you have bought them they are yours. If you know from your instructor that they will not be using them, you can use them for your photo or video shoot; you could ask if another person wants to use it or pieces of it; you can also ask your team leader if there are pieces of the costume that would benefit this year. Use it forward ;) 

  • What happened to the jacket fee of last year?

    • Students that wanted to get an ENCORE sweater had their fees transferred over to the sweater and the difference was credited on accounts, students that did not get a jacket or sweater received a credit on their accounts.

  • When will recital videos be coming out?

    • We should have the videos in hand this week!  You will receive an email with your video when we have it.  I both apologize on the delay and thank you for your patience in these unique times. 

  • Where can I find last years balance?

    • You can go into your comp account and see all of your transactions, including balances.  All company and crew students have two accounts; 1) their family account (this has all retail purchases & tuition classes) 2) their Co/Cr account (this has all payments and charges that refer to company and crew)

  • How do I see my account?



  • What are the group photo & video fees on the contract?

    • Next year is up in the air with the Covid19 situation; if for some reason we cannot come together and perform on a stage we are going to instead get together, go to a location and do a professional video of the dance routine.  How is this different from what we already did?  The video that we did at recital time was quick after rehearsing off zoom for months.  We would like to put these dances to rest by either hitting a stage or filming them professionally.  As we get closer we will be able to determine this. 

  • Are payment plans still an option for 20-21?

    • Yes, you can do a 10 month payment plan. If you want to adjust that and do for example 3 balloon payments, you can.  Email Jeri at

  • Is the individual photography/videography required? 

    • It is a part of this year and required to do the photo/video. If a child is having anxiety about taking photos or doing the video please call a meeting with me so we can discuss it.  

  • On our contracts, for solos, it has two competitions fees...are we able to decide which competitions the solos go to? 

    • We are taking all our routines (groups, trio, duo and solos) to two comps together as a team.  Anything above that is up to you.

  • For the required two competitions, if we can not do "in person" comps due to Covid, will we be required to enter two virtual competitions instead? 

    • Yes, no matter what we are competing this year. If it goes to virtual only I would be more flexible on the solo entries but not on groups.  

  • Explain the photography/videography policies/rules, they were pretty hash.

    • Sure! So basically this lists everything that needs to be listed for being respectful and professional to another person. There is no interrupting and inserting yourself, yelling at the photographer, things of that nature.  Conversation, yes.  Talking, yes.... but don't take up a bunch of time talking in your shoot!  Also the last policy was a bit unclear, here is what is means: If in your shoot you do a pose that is not pre-approved and there is in proper technique, we will not allow that photo to be produced because the technique is wrong. So if you are inspired on the spot, be sure to ask for technique help if you are not 100% certain.  ENCORE apologizes if any of this wording came out sounding harsh. Like coffee cups say 'coffee is hot' - we too just need to protect our brand that ENCORE is respectful to professionals and gives good technique.

  • 2nd Solo Financial Obligations:

    • If you are choosing to do a second solo, your financial obligation is the admin and room fee only.  Whatever you choose to do past that is fully optional. Your first solo you are contractually (is that a word?) obligated to take that solo to the two solo competitions that ENCORE chooses for us to go to. 

  • Do I have to take my solo to the two competitions that ENCORE chooses?

    • Yes. You can do additional ones on top of that, but ENCORE is taking everything to two comps all together.

  • If everything goes virtual this year, will my solo be required to enter virtually?

    • No, but you will be strongly encouraged to enter ;) A minimal additional fee would be added for in house videoing of the solo. A student could record it as many times as they would like.  The video recording would need to be of quality. 

  • If I am only doing a solo this year because in 20-21 only due to Covid ENCORE has allowed soloist, and for some reason due to health I need to not perform my solo, will I be charged the re-choreography cancellation fee?

    • No. There is no one to re-choreograph. Note, there are no refunds due to you canceling on yourself. 



  • There was Wednesdays that have a school day and students will be unable to attend earlier in the day classes, what are we going to do?

    • On these days we will reach out to see who is coming to class or not and re-schedule classes that have no students attending them.

Odds & Ends

  • How is my student doing currently? What can I do to help them?

    • This is an individual question and best to ask directly to your instructors, we all have a different perspective.

  • How do parents handle not being able to make it to a meeting, event, etc due to school function or emergency?

    • Contact Valerie directly on band and explain the situation as soon as possible.

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