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ENCORE Company & Crew '23-'24

Audition & Detail Information 

July 22 & 23

Parent Information Meeting: July 20th, 6pm


Amplify your student's dance potential and join our passionate community at ENCORE.

About Us


Our acclaimed "Company & Crew Performance & Competitive" program offers a diverse range of opportunities in performances, training, competitions (regionals & nationals), battles, photography, videography, team bonding and more. Join our supportive and educational environment, where you can develop your artistic pursuits and amplify your athletic artistry. ENCORE provides invaluable experiences, lifelong lessons, cherished friendships, and unforgettable memories, while guiding them through the various stages of growth in the performing arts world.

Our program aims to empower dancers by cultivating confidence, developing maturity, enhancing skills, promoting teamwork, nurturing problem-solving abilities, fostering individual artistry, and building stronger athletes. We prioritize continual growth, improvement with each performance, and the development of a well-rounded human being, both internally and externally.

Our teams create season-specific pieces in selected groups, considering commitment and skills. Additional performance opportunities like trios, duos, and solos are available. We compete in multiple styles including Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Open, Musical Theatre, as well as specialized teams for Popping & Waacking.

Unique to ENCORE:

At ENCORE we have "Companies & Crews."


Our company teams specialize in classical studio styles including jazz, tap, contemporary, ballet, lyrical, musical theatre, and acrobatics. On the other hand, our crew teams are dedicated to street styles such as hip hop, waacking, popping, breaking and house.

We Are Seeking:

Ages 5-18 (age based on Jan 1, 2024) are welcome to audition. In our dancers we look for passion and a strong desire to grow. We value commitment, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude. Our ideal candidates thrive in a team environment, and approach dance with motivation and enthusiasm. We expect students to give their all both on and off the stage.

As for parents and supporters, we appreciate your support in your child's dance journey. We value your helpful and involved attitude, positive interactions, and encouragement towards your child's progress. We look for parents who are willing to invest in their child's development, seek a supportive community, and prioritize teamwork and dance in their schedules.


Time & Training

Company & Crew students train together in selected classes at designated times. ENCORE strives to schedule these classes back-to-back for your convenience. In addition to your training classes, you will also have weekly group sessions for your company or crew (30 minutes). Please note that the specific training requirements, based on your age, level, and group, will be provided in the upcoming '23 - '24 schedule. 

Time commitments vary based on age and level. Beginner students typically start with 3-4 hours per week over 2 days, while advanced level dancers may train 4 days a week for 6 or more hours.

Performance/Competitive Requirements

The number of performance activities for our company and crew members can range from 7 to over 20 throughout the year, depending on factors such as age, level, and commitment level. Our official schedule will be released at the Company & Crew New Season Parent Meeting. 

Financial Commitments

Please note that performance and competition opportunities are separate from your training classes and involve additional expenses. At ENCORE, we believe in transparent fees, providing a clear breakdown of costs instead of a bundled price. You can find the fee details in our welcome packet or at our parent meetings.

For a basic level beginner dancer, the estimated cost for a full year experience at ENCORE is approximately $965*.

At ENCORE, we prioritize making the arts accessible to the community. As part of our commitment, we offer payment plans spread over a 10-month cycle. This allows for a manageable monthly cost, estimated to be around $95*. We believe that the arts should be affordable to all families and households.

*this fee reflects no add ons, additional groups, performance opportunities and the like.


At ENCORE, we provide ongoing fundraising opportunities and support to help make our programs more accessible to students and families. Many of our students have successfully raised funds to cover their expenses through our fundraising initiatives. We are dedicated to assisting our students in achieving their goals and reducing the financial burden.

Audition Details:

Auditions: July 22nd & 23rd

Audition Process:

1. Attend the audition session corresponding to your age and level (age as of Jan 1st, 2024) as listed in our schedule below. 

2. Wear genre-appropriate attire and keep hair away from the face during auditions.

3. Bring an 8x11 headshot, which can be a candid photo taken at home.

4. Bring a water bottle. 

5. Fill out our audition form, located below.

6. Complete your online payment of $10 per style

7. Arrive 15 - 20 minutes early and warm yourself up

8. Once your instructor calls you into the audition, you will learn a small dance combination and perform the combination within multiple groups. (Instructors walk you through the process every step of the way)

Results in approximately 2 weeks. Successful candidates receive email notifications. For those not selected, we provide training plans for the upcoming year to prepare for future auditions. Classes will be assigned based on skill level and abilities for an optimal learning experience.


Before auditions, we offer optional audition prep classes with valuable tips & tricks. Attending or not, does not effect the results. 

Audition Form:

Complete the audition form below. It provides valuable information about your commitment levels and helps us get to know you better. We take commitment levels into consideration when forming groups, ensuring that like-minded peers are paired together.

Audition Form

Audition Times:

Audition styles:

  • Company: Contemporary/Lyrical, Jazz/Musical Theatre, Tap

  • Crew: Hip Hop, Popping, Waacking

Saturday, July 22nd:


8yrs & under Audition

10 - 10:45am: Jazz/Musical Theatre*​

10:45 - 11:30am: Contemporary/Lyrical*

11:30 - 12:15pm: Tap*

12:15 - 1pm Hip Hop*

9 - 11yrs Audition

1:30 - 2:15pm: Hip Hop*​

2:15 - 3pm: Jazz/Musical Theatre*

3 - 3:45pm: Contemporary/Lyrical*

3:45 - 4:30pm: Tap*

*Company Info Parent Meeting: 

July 22nd - 8yrs & Under: 11:45 - 12:15pm

July 22nd - 9 - 11yrs: 4 - 4:30pm


*Crew Info Parent Meeting 

July 22nd - 11yrs & Under: 1 - 1:30pm​

Sunday, July 23rd:


12yrs & older Audition

12 - 12:45pm: Jazz/Musical Theatre*​

12:45 - 1:30pm: Contemporary/Lyrical*

1:30 - 2:15pm: Tap*

2:15 - 3pm Hip Hop*

All Ages Audition

3 - 3:45pm Popping*

3:45 - 4:30pm Waacking*

*Company Info Parent Meeting: 

July 23rd - 12yrs & older: 1:45 - 2:15pm


*Crew Info Parent Meeting 

July 22nd - 12yrs & older: 3:45 - 4:15pm​

Audition Fees:

$10 per style

***New This Year: Online Audition:

We are introducing an online audition option for students unable to attend the in-person audition. All fees apply online and in-person auditions.

While we highly encourage in-person auditions on July 22nd and 23rd, we understand that it may not be feasible for everyone. To be considered for our Company & Crews, please complete the following section and submit your video by July 28th. Late auditions will not be considered.

When submitting your video audition, please follow these guidelines:

Subject Line: "ENCORE Online Audition Submission"

Include the following:

  • Headshot: Attach a recent headshot of yourself.

  • Genre-specific Videos: Prepare separate videos for each genre you would like to audition for (as listed above). You may include pre-existing choreography from a solo or group routine performed during the '22 - '23 season. (Be specific in your email, who we are watching) Additionally, showcase skills such as (Company) your current flexibility by demonstrating splits, back flexibility, turn variations, jumps and/or acro tricks or (Crew) techniques or specific training such as popping, waacking, breaking skills and acro tricks. Feel free to highlight your unique skills, turns, leaps, jumps, or any other aspects you would like to showcase!


The quality of the video will NOT affect the results. Home videos taken on your phone are welcomed.

For any questions, please email 

Parent Meetings
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