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  • 9-13: Technique Overhaul Intensive (8-16yrs) 9a-2pm ($225) LR/MB

    • This camp is for the serious intermediate and advanced dancers that want to both grow and fix technique, build skills and increase their turns, leaps and jumping skills. ​

  • 16-20: Street Styles Intensive (7yrs+) 9a-2pm ($225) NC/ST 

    • This camp is for the serious intermediate and advanced dancers that want to both grow and harness technique, build skills and increase their knowledge and ability in street styles.

You are here because your student loves to dance

and has the desire to be with other like-minded passionate students

that are ready to take their dancing to the next level

and be mentored along the way! 




Below you will find the following:

  • Summary on ENCORE Company & Crew Teams

  • Summary on What We are looking for

  • Our typical year

  • Basic Requirements (Time/Finances)

  • What’s your next step!


ENCORE Company & Crews Performance & Competitive Program

Our unique and award-winning program offers opportunities for performing, training, team bonding, competing, battling, photography, videography, costuming, and community in a supportive, educational, and well-rounded environment.

Who We Are:

ENCORE's Company & Crew is our path for those that are ready to make a commitment to their sport and artistry and, in time, potentially reach for a pre-professional or professional career. As our exclusive higher tier training program, being on this team is a privilege to be earned that offers endless value, unforgettable and life-long lessons, friendships, and memories while having a TON of fun!

What We Do:

ENCORE’s Company & Crew program allows dancers to take their athletic artistry to the next level by setting goals with your students, giving them opportunities to perform and challenge themselves and guiding them through the many stages of growth in the performing arts world. 

Our goals for our dancers in this program is to help students develop:

  • Confidence

  • Maturity in dealing with many different situations

  • Increase their skills/talents

  • Learn the ability to think faster

  • Develop team making skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Increase individual artistry and encourage personal style

  • Build a better athlete through strength, technique, skills


How do we do this:

Our instructors are hands down the most supportive humans in the community. Our staff has the ability to ignite passion, identity with each student and push the beyond his/her limits.

All of this supported by a community and dance friends creates a well-rounded environment and builds memories to last a lifetime.

Who we are looking for: 

We are looking for passionate students between ages 4yrs - 18yrs that are:

  • Willing to grow

  • Be committed

  • Have a good work ethic

  • Positive attitude 

  • Works well in a team environment

  • Talent/Skills

  • Motivated about dance

In parents, we are looking for:

  • Supportive 

  • Helpful

  • Positive

  • Encouraging

  • Willing to invest in the development of their students both inside and out

  • Be part of a community

  • Prioritize teamwork and dance in their schedule

Typical Company/Crew Year (At a Glance)

  • August

    • Training Camps 

  • August/Sept

    • Learning Choreography for the new season

  • Sept/Oct

    • Photography, Training, Routine Finis Choreo/Cleaning, Costumes, Community Event & Battle

  • Nov/Dec

    • Potentially optional performances/comps, Training, Cleaning of Routines, Final Costumes

  • Jan - May

    • Performances, Battles, Competitions, Conventions, Team Fundraising, Traveling & Out of State Training (for selected members)

  • Jun 

    • Annual Dance Recital, Traveling & Out of State Training (for selected members)

  • July/Aug

    • Traveling Performances, National Competitions (for selected members)

Training Requirements

Company & Crew students will be required to train together in selected classes/times. ENCORE builds the classes back to back for your schedule convenience. In addition to your training classes, you will also meet for your company or crew weekly scheduled group time. (30 min)

Training requirements are specific to your age/level/group and will be released with the fall schedule in early August.

Estimated Hourly Commitment:

  • Beg Levels: 3 - 4 hours a week/2 days a week

  • Beg/Int Levels: 4 hours a week/2 - 3 days a week

  • Int/Adv: 4 - 5 hours a week/3 days a week

  • Adv: 6 hours a week/4 days a week

In addition to these hours, there will be times that your team itself will need to get together and practice for upcoming shows, competitions and the like. 


Performance Requirements:

Our yearly performance commitments prioritize building your experience in every aspect of the performing arts. Team members will be required to participate in the following: 

***The list below is for beginners only. Note that Level increase, means performance/time increase.

  • Photography sessions with your team & individually

  • Videography session

  • (for Crew) Attend/Battle 2x in the year

  • Perform in our yearly showcase

  • Perform in our yearly recital

  • Compete in three competitions

Estimated Expenses to Expect

All of the ENCORE Company & Crew opportunities to perform & compete are in addition to your training classes. These activities incur their own expenses. 

ENCORE is a transparent studio with their fees, meaning: We let you know exactly what the fees are, what we charge and what you are paying for instead of a high price that just says all included. 

All Level Fees:

  • Administration Fee: $175 per dancer in one routine; $25 for each additional routine

  • Costume Fee: $135 

  • Choreography Fee: $80 - $125 per student

  • Competition Fees (x3-x5): $75 Group Comps (per person/per routine)

  • Additional Rehearsal Fees: $90 (8 hours of additional practice) 

  • Photography Fee: $75 individual. $35 group

  • Videography Fee: $75 for the experience, includes one video

  • Company/Crew Jacket: $65


Additional Fees for Int/Adv Levels or those adding to their performance/competitive year:


  • Comps: $55 Battles; $90 Duo/Trio; $165 Solo

  • Convention Fees: $185 - $345 (dependent on level)

Basic Yearly Cost: $950 (estimated)


Payment Plans

Our founding motto is “Keeping the arts affordable to the community” and that foundation will never go away. We work with humans and insist that the arts be accessible to all families and homes.


Our payment plans are over a 10-month cycle which makes your estimated monthly cost: $95*

*in addition to your training classes.


ENCORE offers continual fundraising and fundraising support! Many of our students and families pay for their entire year with fundraising!

How to Auditions:

  • Send a Video to of your student dancing

    • include:

      • Age of Student/Birthdate

      • A current photo

We will contact you with the next steps. 

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