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Auditions June 11, 2022
Fill out the form below for more information. 

Company & Crew Audition Form

Company and Crew Performance & Competitive Teams '22 - '23

Audition Form Goal/Purpose:

The information that you provide ENCORE is crucial is setting you and your teammates up for success.  ENCORE is looking to put like-minded humans (time commitment, financial commitment, talent and the like) together in order to have success for everyone throughout the year. This information you provide below is to find the right fit for your student at ENCORE for our next season (Aug 2022 - July 2022) and the ENCORE team will refer back to it often. 

All students are required to participate as part of an ENCORE selected group first before being allowed to add any extras (ie: additional groups, solos, duos/trios) to their performative year. 

In this audition form we will ask you if you would like to add an additional group or be considered for a solo/duo/trio this year. ENCORE can say with 99% certain tee that a second group for a student will be granted. We highly encourage being a part of a second group (over solo/duo/trio) for time & financial commitments, as well as the team aspect. 

Requesting a solo/duo/trio will be considered. A student will need to go through an application process through ENCORE for solos/duos/trios.

Process After Auditions:
- Students/Parents will receive an email 8 - 10 days after auditions letting you know if you have made the team
- You 'may' be reached out to for a meeting.
- Contract Signing (students need to commit to the next year for planning/choreo purposes)
- Summer Training
- Final Dates Released for '22 - '23 (Aug '22)
- Team Events, Choreography & a year Full of Fun, Training and Adventure.

Only Audition for a company or crew that you will accept an offer for. This is not a time to 'try out a style for fun' as when you audition we are seriously looking at you to become a member of our team. 

General Overview of Financial Commitment:

ENCORE allows students to participate in multiple groups thus allowing students to train/perform/compete in multiple styles. 


In order to make the decision in this form we have provided a general cost of fees below and our break down. 


Your financial commitment will be dependent on the number of routines your student participates in. What you select will be added together and than divided into monthly payments over a 10 - 12 months. Our payment plans keep our programs affordable for all families in our community. 


ENCORE understands that finances with performance tracks can be expensive, which is why we offer multiple fundraising opportunities and encourage personal fundraising as well.   

Estimate Costs:

  • Admin Fee: $165 (for first routine) $55 (for additional routines)

  • Costume Fee: $125 (tights, shoes, accessories separate)

  • Choreography Fee: $90

  • Additional Rehearsal Fee: $90

  • Competition Fee: $65 (per entry/average 3 entries)

If applicable:

  • ENCORE Jacket: $65

  • Duo/Trio: $85 (per entry/average 3 entries)

  • Solo: $145 (per entry/average 3 entries)

  • Solo Room Rental Fee: $40 (total)

  • Convention Fees: $285 (Younger students have adjusted rate)

  • Photography: $35 - $75 (dependent on group/solo)

  • Videography: $35 - $75 (dependent on group/solo)


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