ENCORE is committed to the artistic and individual development of our students through comprehensive performing arts instruction.

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About Us

ENCORE Performing Arts Center has been committed to growing communities and developing the artistry of our students through dance and musical theatre programs that promote originality, passion, and equality for over 10yrs.


We create a safe space for each of our students that cultivates authentic movement, expression and freedom through our well-rounded performing arts approach.


Our classes are both educational and fun, complimenting all levels from beginner to advanced. At ENCORE, we teach growth mindset skills that allow our students to be empowered, and reach their full potential.  We aim to develop polished & professional performers, as well as balanced, confident, and caring humans.


Our Center

ENCORE is the largest performing arts center in Beaverton offering four studios, totaling over 7500 sq. feet of space, with five bathrooms, three waiting areas, and two homework areas.


Each studio includes:

  • Two entrances/exits to allow our students to spread out and ensure maximum air flow for COVID19 safety protocols

  • Spring and/or floating floors to ensure the safety of our student’s bodies & joints.

  • State of the art sound systems

  • Glow lights, LED lights & party lights for themed classes, events and performance rehearsals

  • Bathrooms attached to each studio (students do not have to exit their classroom)

  • Snack & Water bar, and Retail Shop

  • Full tumbling & aerial silks equipment

  • Ample parking

  • Secured, password protected online monitoring system allowing you access to your students class(es) for viewing. This allows parents to view while not distracting the instruction of the class.

  • Near by: Fanno Creek, Starbucks, Target, Dutch Bros & Grocery Store

ENCORE Performing Arts Center
Front Lobby
Stu C
Stu D Lobby
Stu A
Stu C Lobby
Stu D
Stu B

Diverse Programs

Beginning to Advanced

6 months to Adults

Performance & Competitive Opportunities

Pre-K Program

Our Preschool classes follow a syllabus, and teaches children the basics of movement art through structured and fun lessons.


Our instructors are educators skilled in connecting movement and vocabulary with music, creating solid foundation for advancement within our programs.

Ballet. Creative Movement. Dance with Me.

Hip Hop. Jazz. Tap. Acrobatics.

Traditional Styles

Our Traditional dance classes focus on the artistry and freedom of the movement while teaching proper technique, form, and progressions. 


Ballet. Contemporary. Jazz. Lyrical. Musical Theatre.

Pointe. Tap.

Street Styles

The Street and Club Styles Dance Program is uniquely designed for the proper education of the various distinct street and club dance disciplines. Often over-simplified and placed under the banner of Hip Hop, these individual movement arts have their own history and techniques that exist separately and also work synergistically. ENCORE is passionate about supporting the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists that are the soul and source of many of these styles.


Breaking. Hip Hop. Popping. Tricking. Waacking. Drop-In.

Acrobatic Arts

ENCORE Instructors, both follow the curriculum and are certified in the Acrobatic Arts Program.


Our Acrobatic Arts Program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre Program focuses on training students in all the necessary skills to put on a full musical theatre production.


Program covers: Acting, auditioning skills, vocal projection, singing, and dancing while building confidence and character.


Each season culminates with a fully produced musical where each student is cast, and given a role, according to their skill level. 

Our Company and Crew teams are auditioned, competivite and performance based.  Students train anywhere from 2.5 hours to 10+ hours a week depending on age and level.


Program includes: competitions, conventions, workshops, community performances, team building, next level training, photography, videography and more. 

Inquire to info@encorepacnw.com to join and/or prepare to join our teams. 

Competitive & Performance Teams



We believe in fully inclusive classes that put the person before the performer. Our instructors are thoughtfully dedicated to the educational advancement of each students artistic and individual development.



Mon - Fri: 9a - 9pm

Sat: 9a - 12p
Sun: by appt. only


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