July 5 - Aug 28

Classes/Camps/Workshops In Person*

* all Covid19 policies are required to be followed, click here for details

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Summer Class Schedule

Brenna Calmer (BC) ~ Bridget Derville-Teer (BD) ~ Christopher Kaiser (CK) ~ Eva Burton (EB) ~ Jazmyn Thomas (JT) ~ Kumari Suraj (KS) ~ Juju Nikz (JN) ~  Lisa Rose (LR) ~ Maria Tucker (MT) ~ Marisa Bidegarah (MB) ~ Madisen Luecke (ML) ~ Melissa Rumsey (MR) ~ Michael Jurica (MJ) ~ Nicholas Christopher (NC) ~ Piper Ryan (PR) ~ Sara White (SW) ~ Valerie Dawn (VD) ~ Ann Johnson (AJ) ~ Brianna Davis (BD) ~ Staff (ST)

Class Information:

  • The ages listed are guidelines only. Some students (based on skills) may be able to join classes outside the age range. Inquire via email for an assessment. 

  • Our prerequisites, class etiquette are required to be followed.

  • An * indicates that the previous class is required in order to register.

  • Classes marked with  'S3', (2-3, 3-5) are offered at a discounted rate for our youngest students. 

  • Upon request parents can view class(es) via our password protected website. Inquire at the front desk for he weekly password. Out classrooms are strictly for students & instructors only, thus allowing for a more focused learning environment

Summer Program Fee Options

Annual registration fee: $30 per student/$50 per family. By enrolling in classes, you are thereby agreeing to ENCORE policies.

8 Week Summer Program

(for the cost of 7 weeks)

July 5 - Aug 28

4 or 2 Week Summer Flex Program

You Choose the Weeks!

Drop In Pricing

Join us for the entire summer, with one week free on us!  We adjusted out pricing for your vacations! Take a trip!

  • Register online to pay in full.

  • Payment plan available upon email request. 50% down payment required, auto-charge remaining balance on July 27th to card on file. 

Join us for the weeks of summer that you will be here for! 

  • Registration for this plan by email only.

  • Chosen weeks attending required upon registration.

  • Payment in full required.

All drop ins are on a first come, first served basis, call or text in ahead for availability. Drop-ins are subject to class size.


45m....................... $15

1h.......................... $18

1.5h....................... $22

1st Trail Class....... FREE


Summer Program Policies

  • Payment plans will have the remainder of their balance atuo-charged on July 27th to the card on file. No cancellations are allowed after July 5th. Payment plans require a valid credit card on file. 

  • Once registered for the 8wk Summer program there is no switching to the flex programs. Our space is limited and each student spot is valuable and budgeted for, no refunds/cancellations for our Summer program(s). No exceptions.

  • Fees are a fixed rate. Fees are not prorated or refunded due to absences or pre-scheduled closures. Any missed classes may be made up by takng anouther class of your choosing within the same season.  Make-up class requests must be submitted via email.

  • In case of a State-mandated closure, all classes, camps, and workshops will automatically continue on zoom from home. No refunds. No exceptions.

  • ENCORE reserves the right to cancel, combine and/or add classes to the schedule depending on demand and registration. Always add yourself to the waitlist to be the first in an added class. Schedule changes will be noted by the revision updates. 

Camp Policies

Camps & Workshop fees require a valid credit card on file. 

ENCORE requires a non-refundable 25% down payment to reserve your camp spot; two weeks prior to camp your reminaing balance will be auto-charged. 

For camps paid in full, the drop policy is as follows:

  • 4 week or more notice: 75% refund

  • 2 week or more notice: 50% refund

  • 2 week or less notice: no refund, no exceptions.