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Group Photography

Update 10/8:

Hi Everyone, we had a great successful day with our mock photoshoot. We learned tips and tricks on making a great casual, natural looking photo and I've listed those below for you to review.

Upon confirming with the photographer today, I was notified that she has to start 30 min later than what I thought. So all of our times need to be adjusted to the following below.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  See your new time below.

I have also created a folder for each of our groups and I will begin uploading all the poses taken today so that students can review them tomorrow and be ready to go!  Seeing them on your phone before they hit the photographers camera would help them.  There are a few poses I will be tweaking and that will all be done on set tomorrow. No worries.

Click Here for your Folder Access

Photography Tips/Tricks

  1.  Whatever is closest to a camera is largest, whatever is farthest is smallest - adjust your weight to the back and have the front be light/weightless.

  2. Hands and arms can be awkward so practice them with these thoughts in mind.

    1. create negative space between arms and body​

    2. place them in pockets or place them on a body part

    3. never squeeze them to your body

  3. Always pose from the feet up and decide your face last​

  4. Create negative space with your body - no square to the front, S bodies or angles instead

  5. Hold your abs tight. No sucking in or arch backs

  6. A little motion makes you look natural

  7. Chin to shoulder instead of stretched necks

  8. Create shapes that are triangles not squares.

  • Date/Time: October 9th 10:30 - 3pm

  • Location: ENCORE Performing Arts Center

  • Attire: All attire needs to be clean, like new and performance quality. BRING OPTIONS! (Always bring options)

    • Pants:

      • Blue Jeans,  (skinny, stylish baggy okay) No rhinestones

      • Black joggers 

    • Tops: Black/White 

      • Large patterns okay

      • Layering with tank and over top for style okay

      • NO logos!

      • No pok-a-dots

      • No tiny strips

    • Black or White Socks

    • Black or White Shoes - Must be clean, strings not too long, nice shoes

      • Athletic​ shoes 

      • Black Jazz shoes okay

    • Accessories​ allowed​​

      • No large bows in hair​

  • Hair/Make Up​​ - Professional Photoshoot Ready

    • Make Up - Natural​

      • Do make up for a photography shoot and how discussed at Hair/Make Up day, if you missed these days contact Valerie via band.​

    • Hair - Neat, No fly aways ​

      • Girls - Braids, Ponytail​, Low bun with part, 1/2 up/1/2 down, Down 

      • Boys - Style Hair the way you wear it

  • Arrival Time: 20 min before the time listed below

  • Your NEW Group Times:

    • ​10:30am - Co Tots Jazz 

    • 10:50am - Co Petites Acro

    • 11:10am - Co Petites Musical Theatre

    • 11:30am - Cr Petites Hip Hop

    • 11:50am - Co Mini  Jazz

    • 12:10am - Cr Mini Hip Hop

    • 12:30pm - Co Junior Contemporary

    • 12:50pm - Co Junior Tap

    • 1:10pm - Co Junior Jazz

    • 1:30pm - Cr Teen Hip Hop

    • 1:50pm - Co Teen Soloists

    • 2:10pm - Junior Popping

    • 2:30pm - Cr Junior Hip Hop

    • 2:50pm - Cr Teen Waacking 

We may run a few minutes late depending on children and posing, please be on time. We will run no later than being completed by 3pm.