Safety Commitment

Your physical and mental health is our top priority.

Re-Opening Procedures:

  • We have re-arranged our space to have four different entrance/exits

that are clearly marked from the outside of our space. We have a white

board that will direct you to your appropriate studio space, this allowing

us to reduce the number of patrons in our space and maintain social

distancing through out our entire studio.


  • At each entrance your instructor will meet you with our screening questions inquiring if you have had any respiratory/fever issues and than take your temperature before allowing you to enter. (Students with more than one class will receive a 'health check pass' sticker so they can travel from one class to another without being screened again)

  • Each space has a 'sanitation station' that students are required to disinfect their hands on their way in and out.

  • We have than marked off 6' by 6' squares in all classrooms and ask that students bring a water bottle and re-main in that space while in class.  Social distancing is required in all classes & activities. 

  • Our instructors will be wearing a mask and we strongly encourage students to do the same if they chose.  Free masks are available at the front desk.

New Policies:

  • All students are asked to stay 6' a part at all times in the studio.

  • Bring a water bottle as shared fountains are closed. 

  • We will sanitize between classes on equipment that is used,

due to this zoom classes will end 5 min early to allow this switch. 

  • We have reduced class size limits.

  • No partnering will be allowed.

  • Lobby is closed and only accessible to dancers and 

ENCORE staff.

Online Zoom & Live Group Classes


Our classrooms are fully equipped for zoom online and live group

classes at the same time! We have upgraded our systems with 55" tv

monitors in each room so that instructors can see everyone clearly at

the same time.


ALL Classes will remain at the day/time their zoom class is

listed in the schedule.

If we end up going into another shut down, ENCORE will automatically roll right over to our zoom classes for home learning. No refunds or prorating.

Tips to Improve Your Re-Opening Experience

  • Have your student avoid the sun, wearing a hat or being in a hot car so that their temperature readings are accurate.

  • Bring water bottles (No water fountains are allowed in phase 1) We offer water bottles for $1; pick up a water bottle from the front lobby fridge and place money in drop box by front lobby desk

  • Limit bathroom use by going at home before coming 

  • Parents can use the front lobby bathroom, signing into the tracking sheet on the front desk is required.

  • No sharing of food or drinks

  • Students with multiple classes can move from one space to another without going outside by wearing a sticker pass.

  • Know the exits for your students studio space as students 9yrs & younger only can be released to a parent.


Your mental and physical health is our highest priority! 

ENCORE knows that motion creates positive emotion and we are excited to get your students moving!

©2020 by ENCORE Performing Arts Center