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Parent Watch Week/Spirit Week Season Wrap Up!

June 14 - 18th

Join Us June 14 - 18 for our Season Wrap Up the week before recital!

Spirit Week

Let's celebrate our 'Adapt' year and all our accomplishments together!


Our 'ADAPT' WRAP UP WEEK is a week of celebrating our amazing studio, instructors and students before heading off into Summer! (or recital)

ALL WEEK CELEBRATIONS: ENCORE SPIRIT GEAR! New merch in the lobby, check it out! Rock your ENCORE Swag and tag us, and use our hashtag

#AdaptWrapUp #encorepacnw

Below are some ways you can celebrate with us!  

  • Monday June 14th: Bring your teacher a sweet treat! 

  • Tuesday June 15th:  Spread kindness with a note or picture for your teacher and/or peers! Remind someone how they helped you this season! 

  • Wednesday June 16th: Bring your teachers a snack! Yum!!!  

  • Thursday June 17th: On the poster in the lobby, write down what YOU are proud of this season! 

  • Friday June 18th: Flower Friday! Bring your teacher some flowers or plant! 


DANCERS: Stop by the front desk this week for your treat! We are proud of you! 


If you don’t have class one of the days and want to celebrate that days theme, you can bring whatever with you to your next class! Have fun with it! 


We want to celebrate our entire community at Encore! That includes ALL of you! The staff, the students, the parents... it takes a strong community to make the family we have today. Thank you for all you give and the support you give your students. Time to celebrate! 


If you have any questions please reach out! 

Parent Watch Week

Join us for a virtual parent watch week!  ENCORE is inviting you to watch the class your students are in and see their progressions!  

Click Here to Watch

Password: Soproud  (this password will only work during parent watch week)

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