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  • What is the final yearly calendar?

    • ​Our calendar will be finalized this week.  Stay turned and leave your schedule as open. 


At our first parent meeting of the season I sent out tentative dates. Be sure these are marked on your calendar.  I will be doing a FINAL calendar this week!  Stay tuned.  Reframe from texting any 'blackout' dates that you may have. We have over 70 families and we cannot control the competition, stages, photographers schedules and availabilities. Instead of a performance/comp/photography, etc is planned, you will need to move your dates. Thank you.


1st parent meeting notes- click here


  • Why are we having additional practices? Will it stay this way?

    • ​Choreography - Not all the choreography was able to get done in our blackout weeks.  This could of been due to instructor and/or student availability. Note that the additional time that we are scheduling right now is to finish choreography.  Its ENCORE's goal that all choreo is done by mid-October so that in our 30min company/crew time can be maximized. 

  • What do I do if I miss choreography?​

    • If you miss choreo, you are responsible for catching up by meeting with other team members, learning from the video and/or scheduling a private lesson with your instructor.  You may reach out via band to ask your instructor for a private lesson. (additional fees vary per instructor)

  • What if I am not getting the choreography down as fast as my teammates?

    • Review the videos at the slowest speed and without music as many times as you can. Get with a teammate and practice together. Schedule a private lesson with your instructor.

  • Can I use the studio to practice on my own? Or with my team on our own?

    • ENCORE allows students to come into our space and practice whenever we have a free room.  In order to book these times we will be making a weekly post that allows you to comment a time that you would like to practice.  ENCORE will than go into our master calendar and schedule that for you. 

  • Can students be left alone during non-business hours?

    • For groups that meet during non-business hours and need to warm up before a group practice, a parent will need to stay with the children until practice time as instructors are not in charge until the time of practice.  

  • What details do I need to know about practicing in the studio on my own.​

    • Priority Order

      • There is a priority order to using our studio space.  If an instructor or class is scheduled/needs to be scheduled, they will take priority over free studio space.  Please be aware and be flexible.

    • Using Space during Non-Business hours

      • For the safety of our studio space and students.  When the studio is being used during non-business hours the ONLY door that is allowed to be used is our 'side door' (located next to Stu C garage door, with a lock box on it).  This rule applies even if you see another instructor or even me in the studio.  During non-business hours we all need to be responsible for our own space and not assume that since an instructor/me are in the building that we will be going thru and locking down the entire building. 

    • Do I need a parent with me?

      • Students are not allowed to be left alone in the building.​

    • Front Door Safety

      • Watch out for your studio home/friends and if you walk by a door, make sure it is locked from the inside.  NEVER let anyone in our doors.  If they are meant to be in the building, they will know to use the side door. 

    • Respectful

      • Be respectful of any classes that are in session when entering the room. Quietly move to your space when a class is in session. Again if a class is in session, still only use the back side door, even if someone is asking you to open to the front. Its just a nope!

    • Cleaning/Picking up After yourself

      • If you use it, put it away. If you make a mess, clean it up.  Treat this space as the second home that it is!​

  • How to book private lessons?

    • Reach out to your instructor via band and ask for their time/rates. If the instructor is not in band, email


  • Where do I find info about fundraising?

  • Who is in charge of fundraising for my student?​

    • The parents/guardian or older sibling should be fundraising for the student. It is NOT ENCORE's responsibility to fundraise for you.  We will support you in setting up the fundraisers for you to use!​


Social Media

  •  Which Social media platforms is ENCORE on?

  • Should I Interact with ENCORE on Social Media?

    • Interact, Interact, Interact. - THANK YOU to all of those that have been commenting on any photos that have been put out by ENCORE.  This is the number one way to show your support to your studio and a small business.  Interaction on our posts allows us to increase in the algorithm.  Let's continue to bring the community together and draw more near us by having social interaction online. 

  • Should my student list ENCORE?

    • Yes, if your student is old enough to have their own social media account, please have them add @encorepacnw to their profile.


  • Who is my leader?

    • Co Tots Jazz - ​Kristin Corona

    • Co Minis Jazz - Patti Lavallee

    • Cr Minis Hip Hop - Masako Kobayashi

    • Co Petites Acro - Maureen Roberts

    • Cr Petites Hip Hop - Katie Lang

    • Co Petites Musical Theatre - Bethany Sebra

    • Co Junior Contemporary - Bethany Sebra

    • Co Junior Jazz - Jodie Crowe

    • Co Junior Tap - Samantha Sanow

    • Cr Junior Hip Hop - Sayaka Walsdorf

    • Cr Junior Popping - Adriane Driscoll

    • Co Teens - On Own

    • Cr Teens - Nataliya Shatalov

    • Cr Teen Waacking - Valerie Dawn 

Co/Cr Fees:

  • When are the contracts due?

    • Contracts are due before choreography starts. You can turn them into the front desk in a bright yellow folder.​

  • What are all the fees in our contract?

  • Is there a discount for multiple students?​

    • There is no discount for multiple students as all of the fees that come into ENCORE are paid out through the year to instructors, administration staff, competitions, photography, videography.  The fees simply pass through ENCORE for the convenience of everyone. ​

  • ​What is the $40 solo room fee? 

    • Solos are between the student and the instructor. Instead of requiring an instructor to pay a studio rental of $15 an hour and carry their own insurance. ENCORE charges a $40 room fee that covers using the space for the entire season and covers them under our insurance.

  • Why is the admin fee different than last year?

    • In '20-'21 we charged $105 per routine. This year we adjusted this to $165 for the first routine, $55 for additional routines.  There are a large amount of students doing multiple routines and our goal is to make that both encouraging to do multiple routines as well as affordable. For example, '20-'21 the students that did three routines paid $315 in admin fees, while this year its $275, ENCORE would like to have students in multiple routines and we are adjusting to be in alignment with that.

  • ​Choreography fee:

    • Is that new for this year '21-'22?

      • The year 20-21 was a continuation of '19-'20 due to Covid19, we kept the same routines for the year '20-'21. Students that were new to us in '20-'21 paid the choreography to learn the previous year choreo. If a new routine was started, it happened in the following way:

        • the standard choreography fee and you learned it over the weekends

        • your company or crew time was adjusted to an hour instead of 30 min. This 30 min (10 - 22.50 a month depending on the number of hours you were training) totals $100 - $225. Paying the choreography fee all at once is keeping in alignment with keeping the arts affordable to the community.